Lumen is an alternative Lumina server for IDA Pro.
Lumen will try to reduce database poisoning, and is really just a fun project for me at the moment.
It's very easy to join Lumen, which supports IDA 7.2+, No plugins required!
This server is open-source as well, the sources can be found here.

Joining Lumen

You can join Lumen in just a few easy steps:

  1. Update ida.cfg

    You will need to tell IDA to connect to our server. To do this, simply open $IDA_INSTALL_DIR$\cfg\ida.cfg with your favorite editor, locate the commented "LUMINA_HOST" and "LUMINA_PORT" fields and set them to and 1235 accordingly.
    LUMINA_HOST = ""; // note: the semicolon is important!
    LUMINA_PORT = 1235
  2. Get the certificate

    Now, you need to convince IDA to accept Lumen's server certificate (which can be found here: hexrays.crt). To do that, all you need to do is save the certificate to $IDA_INSTALL_DIR$\hexrays.crt.
  3. Restart IDA

    Once IDA restarts, it will contact the Lumen server to find metadata for your functions.
    Please contribute some metadata too :)
Please notify me if you encounter any issues while trying to connect to the server.


One way to contribute is sharing data, Lumen wouldn't be worth much without it's data, so pushing metadata would be great to keep Lumen good for everyone. If you ever encounter lousy or spamy metadata from this server, I'd like to hear about it in order to improve the server and possibly prevent such cases in the future. If you ever upload metadata by mistake, please don't spam the database - I'll be glad to remove sensitive data if you prove that you're the uploader.

Another way to help is spreading the word. As more users join, Lumen will potentially be able to collect more data with more users available that are willing to push metadata.

Please consider donating to keep Lumen online

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